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Gardening time: Order your seeds

It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love…with seed catalogs.

Go ahead, buy way more than you need, we did.  We already placed our order with Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Here’s what we ordered:

5 lbs Kennebec seed potatoes

5 lbs Adirondack Red seed potatoes

1 lb Russian banana seed potatoes

Belgium endive, Totem

Asparagus, Jersey Knight

Leeks, Megaton

Onion, Copra

Here’s what I forgot to order:  shallots, popcorn corn and cantaloupe.  Oops.

What are you planting this year?  Anything new?

Thanks,  Courtney

Johnny’s Selected Seeds: A Catalog Review

A review of a catalog, is this really necessary?  Well if you have never seen Johnny’s it is.  Everyone has their favorite catalog so here’s mine.   I have mentioned these guys in my previous post and I thought I would expand a little on their wonderfulness.  The catalog is not just a catalog of seeds but a handbook of the best of the best.  In fact an organic CSA farmer we know only has one copy of this catalog, he has his name written on the cover and it is expected that if you borrowed it you will return it in a timely manner.

Here are some of the things I love about it:

  • They have description for each plant type that specifies tons of useful information. The pepper section for instance details millions of useful stats to help you achieve success.  Here’s the link to their virtual catalog so you can see for yourself.  I have considered tossing out all my other gardening books and just carrying around their catalog.
  • Detailed descriptions of each plant. Yes, this is pretty standard in all catalogs but still helpful.
  • The best of the best. They only include plants varieties that make their cut.  Unlike other catalogs that bombard you will choices, they decide for you.
  • They highlight “easy choice” plants. This is as if to say “Beginner: you can’t mess this plant up”
  • There is a germination guide with an optimal temperature chart. Handy, not that I temp the soil but you never know.
  • Large selection of organic. Now you can brag that your carrots are descended from a long line of organic carrots.
  • Lots of exciting tools. I’ve got my eye on a soil block making system for a mere $500.  I’ll never own it but it’s nice to know it’s there.
  • They call if they can’t fill an order. It’s the personal touch that made the soreness of not getting my sweet potato slips a little easier to handle.
  • Their website has a seed starting calculator. This isn’t technically in the catalog but oh boy does it look exciting, I can’t want to give it a try.

So go order your own catalog it will take a few weeks to get to you so hurry.