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News Alert: We’ve got our homestead!

Time for a big announcement: we’re northern Colorado landowners!  We’ve been very patient and been praying for our own little place and we’ve found it.  This cute little 1946 home comes with a little over one acre of flat land out in the country in a prime agricultural area.

Our blog won’t be as active for the next week or so as we get settled in, but we’ll be back to share more of our adventure with you.

Thanks, Robert.

What Courtney is looking for in a Homestead

Before I get started on this list, I have to add that Robert and I are a team.  But there are some things that are just more important to me than they are to him.  They might seem silly or trivial to him but being the man that he is, he always listens, and always tries to make me happy.  We have discussed all the major things that we want in a homestead but here are some of the minor things I am looking for.


1. I would like a house with a kitchen that looks out on the dining room and living room.  I want to be able to watch children and prepare dinner at the same time.  I just can’t let my son play in the living room and not have my eye on him at all times (at least at this age I can’t)

2.  No carpet in the living areas.  I have come to adore my wide push mop and can’t see cleaning any other way.  Plus I don’t want my house to smell like dog and I think carpet traps those smells.  I will get a rug and replace it as needed.

3.  No stairs please.  It seems as if the most amusing toy in the house has nothing on those blasted stairs.  I can’t keep him off them.  I know what you’re thinking, a gate is the answer, but in old houses  we’d need a custom, aka expensive, gate system to close off the area.  After moving to a house with no stairs my stress level has dropped immensely, it’s better than yoga.


1.  This is another biggie for me.  I want to be within 15 minutes of a town.  I don’t want to spend hours of my day getting to the grocery store and back.

2.  I would be nice to be within an hour of an airport and major city.  So we can travel easily and get some culture once in a while.

3.  I would like to be within 30 minutes of a hospital and doctor.  Not only am I in the baby stage of my life but I’d like to be near for other unexpected emergencies.  Home birth is just not this girl’s cup of tea.

4.  I’d love to be near a library.  Any ol’ library will do cause most of my books are inter library loans anyways.

5.  I’d love to be in a state that is homeschooling friendly.  That would make my life so much easier.

6.  A church that we love.  This time I can’t say just any ol’ church will do.  I’d actually like to believe in most of the same things they do.  And infant baptism would be nice.

That’s all I can think of for now.  I am sure there are more but those will be for another day.