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Deciding on a Grain Mill

We are in the market for a grain mill.  We can’t wait to join the thousands hundreds dozens of other folks who spent countless hours preparing their own flour.  Now you know us, we don’t want just any ol’  electric mill that you can buy at Walmart and that will grind your flour in mere seconds.  We want one that you have to crank yourself.  And we want one that won’t break.  That appears to be a tall order.

So we’ve done some internet searching and consulted our favorite bloggers.  At least those who like to do things the slow way old fashioned way.  I think we have settled on a Country Living Grain Mill.  Everywhere we look, we only find satisfied customers.  We were also considering the Wonder Junior Deluxe mill, but the reviews were mixed.  One reviewer said it took her 1 1/2 hours to grind wheat fine enough to use for bread, which required double grinding.  That seems like a really long time to me.  The cost is about half that of the Country Living mill so we are tempted to try it.

And talk about getting the horse before the wagon, we’ve already purchased a supply of wheat, corn and oatmeal.

Thanks, Courtney.

Tools – Kitchen and Food Prep

Any homestead must be loaded with tools for food preparation.  Most of what your homestead is all about is raising your own food after all.  We would love to one day be self sufficient in our food.  We’ve got a long time before that will happen, but for now, here’s the progress we’ve made.

Here’s a meat grinder that Courtney got for me last year.  The main problem is that I haven’t used it yet.  We need to set a time and just do it so I can become familiar with it and determine whether I need any accessories, parts, etc.  Also pictured above is one of our pasta makers (we’ve got a ton of attachments too) and this old food mill that Courtney got last weekend.  We’ve got the Squeezo strainer packed away somewhere, too.

Two different camp stoves, one runs on propane canisters and one on white gas.  Great for camping, or emergency cooking when we lose power and our electric range in the kitchen is out of commission.  The coleman lantern in storage runs on white gas, but I’d love to have a unit that runs on propane because they are just so much more efficient.  The pressure canner pictured is our second one that we got recently as well.  Now we can really can up a storm with two pressure canners and two water bath canners.  If you buy a used pressure cooker/canner make sure you have it tested and calibrated.  Usually the local university ag extension office will do this for free.  It is very important to get accurate readings.

We have been talking for a long time about getting a grain mill.  That is a big purchase and a lot of research must still be done.  We’ve heard great things about the Country Living Grain Mill.  If anyone has experience with this or any other grain mill, or has done comparisons, we’d love to know about it.

Thanks, Robert.