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Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe Without Borax

The other morning hit me with a tough challenge –  do you remember your chemistry, Courtney?  Nope I answered quickly, I’ll go get Robert.  Robert and I sat next to each other on the couch and hammered out some math problems.  We were trying to work out some concentration questions for my laundry soap.  I was using chemistry equations and he was using logic.  We both came up with the same answers but I had to cheat and google the equations because alas I had forgotten them.

So why was I bothering with chemistry equations, well I had another soap disaster but I won’t bore you with the details this time.  Let’s just say that I trusted another EHow recipe.  I had to rework the recipe a bit and here is what I have come up with.

Laundry Detergent without Borax: 

Amount Needed Per Load:

1 1/2 teaspoons liquid castile soap

2 teaspoons of Dry Mix

Dry Mix Recipe:

1/3 cup salt

1 cup washing soda

1/3 cup baking soda *update 8/2012 I just started adding this to the recipe, can’t tell if it makes a difference but I feel good about adding another odor absorbing safe cleaner to the mix.

You might be wondering why not mix the two together and add them at one time. I found out that the washing soda doesn’t dissolve well in small amounts of liquid.  In your large load of laundry it will dissolve just fine.  So I eliminated the water in the recipe.  Really why do I need to be lugging around a big jug of water I would rather use small amounts of concentrated soap.

                  This is after the Dry Mix was heated in water.  Not dissolved at all.

Another method:  I used my old Charlie’s Soap bottle because it has a measured pump on it.  I calculated how much castile soap and water I would need for the 1 gallon bottle I had.  If you are in the same situation, Charlies’s Soap dispenses 30 ml per load so fill the bottle with 4 cups castile soap and the rest with water.  This is really only worth the effort if your bottle has a measured pump otherwise use the concentrated method above.

I washed my first load of diapers yesterday (a true test of washing ability) so I will let you know how well it worked.  Check out my homemade dishwasher detergent without borax too.

Thanks, Courtney

Update 8/2012 – I’ve been using this for over a year now and really love it.  Heavily soiled items I do use one or two more pumps.  And I have found that it doesn’t clean fruit stains very well – that’s what the enzyme detergents do good at I guess.  Stain treating is the only way to go.  My cloth diapers are on their 2 year of heavy daily usage and are still clean.

Homemade Soap Disaster #2

Hey it’s me again, the crazy lady who keeps messin’ things up.  This time it was my fault, not the recipes fault.  Today I set out to make my face wash.  It is a recipe from the book I mentioned in an earlier post, called Green Beauty Recipes.  I set out to make her Basic Cream #1 recipe.  The recipe can be used as a moisturizer on it’s own or you can add Castile soap to make a nice soft face wash.

So here I am getting started, all is well.

After measuring out the minuscule amounts.  I really wanted to double or triple the recipe but I didn’t want to waste the ingredients if it didn’t turn out.  Good thing, I did.

Here is the coconut oil and my emulsifier cetyl stearyl alcohol (sounds scary but is actually safe) melting away on my makeshift double boiler.  Who really has two double boilers laying around anyways?

Okay here is the finished product.  After stirring and cooling.  Looks similar to the starting product just with smaller sized beads.  Not a cream if you ask me.

See the lovely separation.  I essentially made oil and water.

After rereading the directions I discovered a few things:

Let it heat up longer after melting

Stir longer

Use an immersion blender to fully incorporate the oil into the water phase

After trying these tricks I redid the recipe and voila it worked.  I still got a little separation but a quick swirl before using it solved the problem.  Next time I will use more emulsifier.  But it’s a natural product so I am fine with a little separation.

White and creamy.  Not very thick though, the book says to add more emulsifier to make it thicker.  I put the soap into a plastic squeezy bottle and used it in the shower.  It works great, not drying at all.  I think this will be my face wash and body soap from now on.  Now I can quadruple the recipe.

Thanks, Courtney