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Container Gardening

We’re back to container gardening this year and wanted to share a few pics and comments on how we are doing it.

Begin with your barrels.  Be a scrounger and find them for free like I did.  The 55 gallon size is great because you can cut them to make two planters.  Be careful on what the previous contents were.  Mine had soaps and other cleansers in them.  Rinsing them out twice should get most of the stuff out.

And here is my beautiful wife on a sunny day, drilling the drain holes into the bottom.  I put four 5/8″ holes spaced evenly and in the low spots. Yes, she is pregnant, and no, I didn’t make her do this.  She wanted to be outside in the sun.  We had fun.

Before filling with dirt, I covered each hole with a rock.  That way there is a small gap where excess water can drain.  Dirt could become compacted and clog the hole.  Proper drainage is very important so that the roots don’t rot from sitting in too moist an environment.

Begin filling with soil, being careful not to move those rocks covering the drain holes.

We filled to the top with compost.  We got free compost from a friend who owns a dairy farm.  This was dairy manure that was composted for two years and was screened.

We put three tomato plants in the tomato tubs.  Four pepper plants in the pepper tubs.  You can also see the square box in the background.  That will be our lettuces, beans, etc.

Thanks, Robert.