About Us

We are a young Christian married couple, Courtney and Robert,  and we had a desire to create a blog to capture our adventure of starting a homestead.  We believe that living frugally and being industrious are very satisfying (you should see how excited we get when we find a deal at a garage sale).  We also believe that hard work honors God and therefore we do this in all aspects of our lives.

We recently moved to Northern Colorado to find a little piece of heaven to call our own.  And we found it. Almost a year ago we bought our first house with abut an acre of land.  It’s been wonderful and wonderfully time consuming, hence the lack of posts this year.  Our first year we raised 3 pigs, 15 meat chickens, 4 heritage turkeys, 20 laying hens, 2 dogs, 2 kids and a massive garden.  We’re tired and incredibly satisfied.

We will both be posting so here’s a little about each of us individually.


I’m Courtney, first of all I am a wife to an amazingl man, secondly I am a mother to two delightful children, a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl .  In my previous life I worked full-time for a consulting company training professional taste testers.  I have my master’s degree in Food Science, specifically Sensory Science.   Working was a lot of fun but I gave it all up to stay at home with my baby.  Now I spend my days disciplining two bad dogs and making sure my kids don’t kill himself.  In the summers you’ll find me in the garden with a kid on my back and one at my feet, and in the winters you’ll find me learning to smock, planning my garden or hand quilting a ridiculously large quilt.  Despite the crazy life I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  Some of the posts you will see from me will likely be about gardening, canning, things to do during naptime, quilting, crafting, smocking, cooking, baking bread, cloth diapers, nursing,  and cooking with grass-fed beef to name just a few.


I’m Robert and I’m an accountant currently working for an organic orchard.  They are a great bunch of people with a great product and I’m fortunate to be successfully working remotely.  I grew up on a farm raising grass fed beef where we direct marketed everything we produced.  I love tinkering and building things and look forward to sharing some of my projects and ideas here.  My interests include gardening, animal husbandry, home brewing, target shooting, automotive mechanics, following current events, cooking, reading and dog training (which is a slow process, in case you read Courtney’s bio above). 

And the two shall become one…His and Hers Homesteading.

4 responses to “About Us

  1. I am so happy I found this blog! I have been praying and talking to my husband about the possibility of homesteading, I am used to that type of lifestyle but my husband is not! he grew up in the city so it’s a little intimidating I think. We are also a young Christian couple and we have 4 children ages 5,3,2 and 6 weeks and live in Nebraska 🙂 I look forward to reading future posts, God bless!

  2. My first visit here was sparked by googling how to refresh old shovel handles. I like your writings and information, very helpful in addition to being fun to read. Like you two, I look forward to having my own bit of land someday, yet, like you, we are also still renters. Thanks for tips and sharing your personal experience on so many topics. I’ll be back soon.

  3. Hi! My visit here was thanks to Google and ” what is the difference between Cantaloupe and Muskmelon?” Now you would think a woman almost 77 would know the difference, wouldn’t you? So thanks to you I now know. As of yesterday, I was buying Cantaloupe in the super market……. What I brought home today,, was definitely a Muskmelon. The skin had a different smooth texture ( no lines at all) and the very ripe fruit does have a muskie taste.. As I do have both to sample at the same time–believe me there is a difference. Thank you
    I want to say I very much like your Blog and would like to be added to your mailing list.

  4. Laurie Meyer

    Hey Courtney,

    You’re quite the achiever!
    I actually found this site by searching for homemade baby blankets/quilts.
    I’m more interested in choosing and purchasing than finding and making.
    Would you be interested in making and selling? We are expecting our 8th grandchild in May and first girl!
    Please let me know or if you could refer me to someone, I would be grateful.

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