When making your own compost, we find it is best to just get weird.  Lots of people throw away things that they consider junk or garbage.  But it isn’t.  The winter reading Courtney and I have been doing has motivated us to capitalize on a lot of this free soil fertility.

We’re bringing in some manure, and there are still plenty of people that give it away.  And they smile as you drive off, probably thinking “that sucker just took a load of crap off my hands”.  We smile, thinking the same thing, because that crap is loaded with nutrients that will grow high quality veggies for our family.

Courtney’s latest score is fish.  There is a man who posted an ad for free fish on Craigslist.  And he’ll even deliver.  I can’t wait to see it for myself, but we’ll be burying trenches full of carp.  This particular variety of carp is considered an invasive species in our area and is being selectively harvested for that reason.

Thanks, Robert.


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