Garden Carts

Not sure if many of you have ever used a garden cart before.  They are amazing and I’ve always admired the hard work they can do.  The quantity and weight that these carts can haul make any job easier, from distributing compost early in the season to harvesting the heavy root crops later in the fall.  A garden cart is an essential tool for any homestead.

They are awfully darned expensive though ($350 for a new one), so I made my own.  I used a plan book from Herrick Kimball, (buy from Amazon or directly from Mr. Kimball) the man who also made the plan books for my chicken plucker and the cider press.  I bought the plywood, stain, wheels, metal axle and wooden dowel for the handle.  The rest was from my favorite local junkyard.  My total cost into this project was maybe $140.

I can’t wait to try it out and I’ll be sure to let you all know how it works.

Thanks, Robert.


2 responses to “Garden Carts

  1. Hi Robert — great looking cart. I’m wondering what you used for the axle, as I’m having a hard time finding the 3/4 hole for the wheels I have. Thanks for your time, Jeff

    • Robert @ hisandhershomesteading


      I got the axle from a local hardware store. Back in the section where sheet metal, all thread, bar stock, etc is located. The wheels I ordered from Northern Tool and Supply, as suggested in Herrick’s book.


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