My favorite dollies

You may have noticed lately, especially if you have flipped through a Pottery Barn catalog or the recent Martha Stewart Living magazine that handmade dolls are trending right now.  I can see why.  They are so individual and charming, so unlike a cookie cutter doll from Mattel.  I recently ordered two matching dollies for our twin god daughters.

My blogger friend, the dollie’s creator, has the cutest little blog Meg + Andy Made with all kinds of DIY stuff, like hair bows and bow ties.  She is an artist and creates all these great things in her spare time which consists of practically nothing since she is a stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4 (including a set of 3 year old twins)!!  Somehow she manages to whip up the cutest dollies and sells them at art fairs and at her online dollie shop.

Here are some pictures of the dollies that she made for me. And here is a link to more pictures of the dollies posted on her blog.   Please try not to snicker at my terrible photography once you see her shots of the dollies.  Clearly she excels in not only doll making but photography as well.

All I did was contact her and tell her their hair and eye color.  She has an amazing sense of style so I wanted her to design them completely.  She’s like that hairstylist that you love because you just sit down and they instantly know what hair cut and color will look best on you.   Anyways, I just love them.  I reeeeally wanted to keep them but I couldn’t see how depriving two little girls was a good thing.  I do get to order one for my daughter but I have to wait until I can tell what color her eyes and hair are going to be.

I’d love for you to check out her dollies.  They make such great gifts for little girls.  Plus it supports an actual artist who puts love into her work.

Thanks, Courtney

One response to “My favorite dollies

  1. Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

    In case anyone was wondering, my favorite dollies are here:

    🙂 Ha!


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