Dehydrating 101: How to rehydrate dried fruits and vegetables

I recently wrote a post about why I love dehydrated fruits and veggies and someone asked how we do it, what do they taste like, etc.  So I thought I would start a little series on the subject.  I am by no means an expert or that experienced.  But it’s pretty simple, so I will pretend to be an authority on the subject.  First up, how do you rehydrate those dried vegetables?

Here’s what I have done and made so far.  I haven’t actually rehydrated anything in boiling water alone.  I try to incorporate it into my brecipes.  I do this for two reasons, it’s faster and I think the flavor is more intense if rehydrated in my yummy soup rather than boring ol’ water.

Zucchini, sliced thin – at least 20 minutes in a simmering soup, longer than a couple hours and they break down

Tomatoes, Romas sliced in half – at least 20 minutes in a simmering soup, longer is better but no maximum time.  I usually snap these into 2 or 3 pieces before putting in soup.  In homemade spaghetti sauce, tossed in whole and simmered in sauce 30 minutes.  I still need to explore making a sauce from only dried tomatoes.

Bell peppers, sliced into thin ribs – simmered in soup for 30 minutes, plus they were crisp enough to cut into bite sized pieces

Hot peppers, thinly sliced into rounds – simmered in tikka masala sauce or soup for 30 minutes.  Usually canned peppers mellow over time but these guys packed a serious heat punch, good to know.

Apples, sliced thinly with the skin on (cause I was too lazy to peel) – a hard boil for about 20 minutes in a Morrocan sauce that I was reducing.  Worked great.  Not tough, almost exactly like a freshly cooked apple.

Check out my other post top 10 reasons why I love dehyrated fruits and veggies and hopefully more to follow in this series.

Thanks,  Courtney

4 responses to “Dehydrating 101: How to rehydrate dried fruits and vegetables

  1. So, if I dehydrated MacIntosh apples while they were nice, firm & tart….I could just make a pie with the dried apples without rehydrating them ? Guess I’d have to be careful with the quantity in the pie or I’d add to many apples…6 cups of fresh would have to be a smaller quantity of dried…I assume…. Oh Boy ! I’m going to have to try this. I’d love to have Mac apples year round for pies…. Hmmm…what about just soaking them in water without boiling to rehydrate the apples?….

    • Deb – I would suggest soaking them in boiling water or even apple cider or juice before baking them. They might not fully rehydrate in the pie since it’s not a very liquid environment. I bet if you played around with the amount of liquid you get it just right for pie. Rehydrating them would also solve the quantity dilemma. I think it is worth a try, please let me know how it turns out and I’d love your recipe. Great idea.

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