Chalkboard labels for canning jars

I must start out by giving my sister the credit for this idea and for doing all the prep work.  That being said, aren’t these the cutest.

Any idea how she did this?

Okay, I’ll tell you.  She painted contact paper with chalkboard paint.  Then she cut out pieces and stuck them on the canning jars.  Easy.  Now you try.

Thanks,  Courtney

Update:  Okay guys and gals, my sister, the one who did all the work for these, left several more tips in the comments section below.  She uses this chalkboard stuff on everything, she’s a teacher, go figure.


5 responses to “Chalkboard labels for canning jars

  1. Miss. Zoe

    have you tried washing any of them yet? I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do this, I want it to label leftovers but wonder if the contact paper would stay on, or trying to find a paint to adhere to glass..

    • Good question Miss.Zoe The contact paper unsticks pretty easily so I plan to peel them off, stick them on some saran wrap and then restick when the jars are clean. I am hopeful that they will still be sticky enough. But that’s why I have used them on dried fruit and vegetable jars. These jars take a long time to empty so there isn’t a lot of washing involved. I’m not sure this would be the best for leftovers because you would have to peel them off to wash. But paint on glass – now there’s an idea.

    • Hi Miss.Zoe! The paint I used for the labels was also used to paint wine glasses. I painted the stem and bottom of each wine glasses so that chalk could be used to personalize the glass. The paint adhered well to the glass and they turned out great. They can even be washed! We have noticed though that if the glass is submerged in water that the paint starts to pull away from the glass. I have also heard that you can bake the product after painting it and it should adhere better and stay longer.
      Hope that helps!

  2. Well look at that! Beautiful! I love how you cut the corners, very simple and cute!
    And did we mention how cheap they were to make?
    Chalkboard paint $10 (Which I used for many, many other projects and still have tons left.)
    Contact paper $1 (From the dollar store, obviously)
    Chalk $0.86
    They sell a sheet of 6 labels at World Market $5. I could make hundreds for way less then that! 🙂
    Thanks for the shout out Sis!!

  3. Cute, but there’s a much easier way! Amazon sells chalkboard contact paper – no painting required.

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