Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Dehydrated Fruits and Veggies

While pregnant this summer, I said no thank you to canning.  Not because I don’t love puttin’ up stuff, but because I couldn’t stand to see my ankles get any more swollen.  So we resorted to drying, and by we, I mean Robert.  He dried  everything.   Sometimes fruit and vegetables that I was planning on using for dinner would disappear out of the crisper.  I would march into Robert’s office, sniff the air, see his guilty look and know instantly that in the dehydrator hiding under his desk was my bell pepper and the last of the strawberries.  At the time I thought he was really going overboard.  But I owe him an apology (don’t tell him)  because I use them constantly.

And here’s the top 10 reasons why I love dehydrated fruits and veggies:

10.  They take up less room than the fresh or canned

9.  I get to make cute jar labels (post coming soon)

8.  Zombies probably would prefer fresh fruit so we’re safe in the event of…

7.  Another use for Tattler reusable lids

6.  Every soup I make gets a handful of zucchini = healthy

5.  I don’t have to send Robert to the store for one jalapeno

4.  Technically I am still eating local and in season

3.  Way cheaper to use a dried tomato than to buy one in the dead of winter

2.  Even after being dried and rehydrated organic, CSA-grown tomatoes still taste better than any tomato you can buy at the store, winter or summer

1.  Robert did all the work

Thanks, Courtney

9 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Dehydrated Fruits and Veggies

  1. Excellent advice Courtney and I agree wholeheartedly as long as you don’t live next to me. I was using an old gas range oven in the garage a couple of years ago drying the veggies from the garden. They busted the guy next door for having a meth lab and one of the items they look for is those twenty pound propane cylinders. I had a couple of them hung on the side of the garage to feed the range and one inside the garage that still had the Mr. Buddy heater fastened to it. Probably the only thing that saved me. They asked why, since I have natural gas at the house, I was using propane. I told them I did not have the six thousand bucks to lay a gas line out there for no more often than I used it Be careful with those propane tanks they may get you busted for suspicion of meth activities. By the way I do thank you for the Christmas card and sorry about my rant. Harold Dean

  2. have you ever dried sauces or soups? I’m trying to jump into that arena and can’t decide if it’s worth it///

    • PLehocky – You are brave! My husband said his father used to dry soups and sauce for camping trips. He distinctly remembers spaghetti with meat and beef stew. I just can’t quite go there. Maybe one day. Do let me me know if you have success.

  3. i especially like #8 and #1. you are a smart girl!

  4. Hi ! How do you rehydrate them? How do they taste? Do they come out mushy? I’ve seriously thought about drying because we live & travel in an RV & I can’t carry canning jars around with liquid in them. Would be REALLY messy if one broke. But if they were dehydrated it wouldn’t make a mess….

    • Hi Deb, I think I could write an entire post answering your questions but I’ll answer them here quickly. Rehydrate them in soups, so it’s really no extra work, they rehydrate as the soup cooks, just like raw veggies would. They taste excellent, maybe even better than fresh because the flavors are more concentrated. And they are not mushy, if you cook them (zucchini being the most likely to mush) for too long them they do start getting really soft but this is true of almost any vegetable. I cooked the zucchini in lentil soup for a couple of hours and they were fine.

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