Making a duvet cover out of sheets

A few years ago at Walmart they had some sheets on sale that I loved for my son’s future bedroom.  They were on clearance and even though he was still in his crib I grabbed a bunch anyways.  I get crazy when I see stuff on clearance.  I ended up getting 2 sets of twin sheets, 1 set of double sheets and a matching polar fleece blanket.  My idea was to make a duvet cover out of the double sheets.

Well I am proud to say that I accomplished my goal.  Once we moved to a chilly climate I needed to add on several more layers to my son’s bed.  So out came the double sheets, scissors and the sewing machine.  It was a pretty easy project but it took me a few weeks to complete because I only had an hour here and there.

Here’s what I did.  I had a twin size duvet cover that I used as a template.  I layed the duvet cover on the floor and the sheets on top.  To get the fitted sheet flat I snipped the elastic in a few places and cut the corners.  When layed flat it looked like someone cut squares out of the corners of the sheet.  I used extra fabric from the flat sheet to fill in the squares on the corners and I made sure that this would be on the bottom.  Well, that was my intention at least.  I am not the best at seeing shapes turned upside down and inverted.  This is why I am not a pattern maker.  It just gets me all confused.  So I called Robert, my husband in to lend a hand and make sure that once this was turned inside out and upside down the patchwork piece would be on the bottom.  Well I think Robert was not fully devoted to my sewing question cause he we messed up.  It ended up on top but, oh well, it a kid’s comforter.  My duvet cover was a little more complicated than your typical two piece, buttons at the end duvet cover.  Which is how he we made our mistake.

Okay so back to my how to.  I used a easy trick of snipping the sheet and then ripping them to get nice straight edges that matched up to my template.  The portion of the sheet with the finished edge (the part that when the bed is made you fold down and it looks really pretty), well that part I kept intact and sewed it on the front fold over flap to give a really finished presentation.

All in all it was pretty easy.  I saved lots of cash cause those duvet covers aren’t cheep.  I think I bought the double sheets on clearance for $10.00.  Plus it all matches.   And what 2 year old doesn’t appreciate a matching bedroom set.  🙂

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the process just the finished results.

Thanks,  Courtney


One response to “Making a duvet cover out of sheets

  1. That looks great!

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