Make your own furniture

That’s right.  Evenings and weekends lately have been spent in the garage building furniture.  No, I’m not making show-piece quality items, but rather a kids table and benches and also a step stool for kids to wash their hands.

It was back to my favorite pile of free used lumber. This is the spot advertised on Craigslist where I found the wood to build my Apple Grinder and Cider Press earlier this year.  I pulled out as many 2×4’s at least three feet long as I could find.  After spending two afternoons pulling nails out of these suckers, I thought for a moment.  Are these really free if I had to spend so much time prepping the wood and pulling nails?  After counting up the hours and assigning an arbitrary $20 per hour to my time, I found that each eight foot length of 2×4 would carry a value of $2.00.  I know that they cost more than that at Home Depot, so yes, this was worth while.  What a relief!

Our two year old loves to “help” me in the garage and that is half the fun.  He picks up the screws and nails and reallocates them to wherever he sees fit.  Sometimes he has a different plan, such as carrying the nails around in his tow truck. And then I get to play “go find them”.  Its great fun.

And here is the finished product.

Did you know that at most hardware stores with a paint section they sell gallons of paint at dramatically reduced prices?  Once in a while, the person mixing the paint pigments will make a mistake that can’t be reversed.  They have to discard the can and start over.  Those cans collect on a shelf somewhere and are relabeled.  A can that normally may sell for $26 will now be $8.  And if you’re lucky, the desk will be staffed with a young art student that would love to help you change the tint slightly to something you desire.  That is what Courtney did here, and ended up with the exact color she wanted.

Thanks, Robert.


2 responses to “Make your own furniture

  1. good job! it turned out so well!

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