What to do with all those apples

First of all, I am so sorry that we have not been diligent about posting often.  With a new baby and visitors it’s been difficult to get to the computer.  We’ve also been busy collecting apples from trees in town.  And being the industrious homesteaders that we are, we had to preserve every last apple that we collected.

Here’s what we have made with the FREE apples we have collected:

15 gallons hard cider (ready in 6 months)

2 gallons apple cider vinegar (also ready in 6 months)

10 quarts apple juice

10 quarts dried apples

18 pints of apple butter (3 different recipes – I’ll share my favorite in another post)

5 pints and 5 half-pints apple cranberry relish (for Thanksgiving of course)

gallons and gallons of fresh apple cider that we drink daily

All of the above was made from the fruit of roughly 4 trees.  Only one of which was cared for and had nice, healthy, large fruit.  We had several unknown green apples varieties, probably Granny Smith, and 3 different red apple varieties.  We were told one tree was Red Delicious and Winesap and the other was unknown but reminded me of a Gala or Fuji apple.  I personally thought the green apples were best suited for cider, the red delicious made great crunchy dried apple chips and the others were perfect for spiced apple butter.

Hope this inspires you to process some of those apples you have laying around and maybe even make the cider press that Robert has made.

Thanks, Courtney

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