Cutting a keyway

The cider press is complete, and the motor arrived for my apple grinder.  The only problem now is that the shaft on the garbage disposal did not have a keyway cut into it, so I’ll have to make one.  Without this, the coupler would never hold tight and power transmission would be a big problem.

This had to be done cheaply, as I didn’t want to dismantle the whole thing and take to a machine shop for a proper keyway to be cut.  Instead, I put a cutoff wheel on my angle grinder and got to work.

I had to wedge in a few blocks of wood to hold everything still because the grinder vibrated everything and I wasn’t getting good contact with the motor shaft.

In the end, it all went together just fine and I think it will work great.  It doesn’t look pretty, but I really don’t care.  What matters most is that it works, and it does.

A little more plumbing work is all that is needed and this project will be complete.

Thanks, Robert.

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