Using the Tattler Canning Lids

Over this past weekend, we tested out the Tattler Reusable Canning Lids for the first time while making our peach jam.  The worked like a charm.

You start out placing the rubber rings and plastic lids in scalding water, just like you would if you were using the traditional metal lids.

Put the lid and the rubber gasket together and place on top of the jar.  Then screw on the ring the same way you would with the metal lids.

Process as your normally would and then you’re done.   I must say, it is hard to tell by looking whether they are set or not.  With the metal lids, you can usually glance at them and determine quickly if one of the seals failed.  The Tattler lids are thicker and more rigid.  I had to take the rings off to tell if I had a good seal.  All were good!

Thanks, Robert.


2 responses to “Using the Tattler Canning Lids

  1. Question. I just purchased a few boxes of Tattler lids and tried them out yesterday by canning a couple jars of Pickled Red Onions. One lid went right down, the other took nearly all day. Today, I removed the rings and lifted them both by the lid and they seem sealed. Did you find the rate of
    “sealage” varied amongst your jars?
    Love your blog. Will be checking back.
    ….a farm girl stuck in the ‘burbs…

    • Melody – All ours sealed as I recall. I think that is completely normal to take a while to pull a seal. The same is true with regular canning lids. The contents have to be completely cool to seal sometimes. I wouldn’t worry as long as in 24 hours they are tight. And lifting up by the rings is how I check the seal too. Thanks.

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