A Struggling Tree Farmer

As you’ll all remember, I got Courtney a dwarf meyer lemon tree for our anniversary.  We’re not doing very well with it, however.  Everything was going fine until several weeks ago when the leaves started turning yellow.

I pulled back the mulch to find that the soil was very damp.  A month ago we got a drenching rain of about two inches.  A few days later, I watered the tree, thinking that the excess rain just drained away.  It was several days after that second watering that we noticed that the tree looked like it was struggling.    We have subsequently read that citrus trees like their feet to keep dry.

I pulled out all of the mulch to help the water evaporate.  After a few more days, some of the yellowed leaves dropped off and the tree sent out new ones along with some blossoms.  Courtney read somewhere online that the way to know if it is time to water the tree again is once it is completely dry.  This can be determined by some sort of gadget with a dial on it.  Or the old fashioned way, stick a bamboo skewer a few inches into the soil, to where the roots would be.  Leave it for a while.  When you come back, pull it out and feel the stick.  If you can feel any moisture whatsoever, then the tree does not need water.

Any time it looks like rain, I pick up the tree and bring it inside.  I never knew how sensitive these trees were, but its all part of the learning process.  I’ve waited a month to post this to make sure that the information we’re posting is correct, and the tree really is improving.  And I haven’t watered it at all in the last month, either.

Thanks, Robert.


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