Potato Pancakes

Here’s a great recipe for your leftover mashed potatoes.  I’ve always loved potato pancakes.

Get your cast iron skillet nice and hot over medium heat and melt some butter in it.  You could also use olive oil.  Using your hands, shape the pancakes out of your potato leftovers.  I make them about 3/4 inch thick and 4 inches in diameter.   Slap those babies in the skillet.  Resist the urge to flip them because you’ll mess up their shape.  Wait until you can see a light brown edge beginning to form around the bottom edge.  This way, when you flip them there will be the beginnings of a crust forming that will help them hold their shape.  Once the second side is done it is time to eat.

Thanks, Robert.


2 responses to “Potato Pancakes

  1. is this the kind of pancake one would put syrup on? if so, i’m sold. 😉

    • Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

      Ha! I haven’t tried, Meagan. But its worth a shot. Robert

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