Handmade baby blankets, burp cloths and loveys

I am getting close to my due date only a few more weeks to go, which means that I am hard at work making a massive collection of all things pink.  I have been making baby blankets in all sizes, burp cloths and even a taggie lovey.  My son loved to suck, well more like lick the tags on any thing you gave him so I figured his sister might have the same obsession.  Here is my collection and an upclose of each item.  They are really easy to make.  I should make a tutorial but I am too tired.

Here they all are.

This is actually a gift for a friend, shhh, it’s a surprise.  It’s one blankie and 2 burp cloths.

These burp cloths are the best.  My mom made me a set for my son.  You just line the middle section of a cloth diaper with flannel, minky dot or regular ol’fabric.  They need to be washed a few times to soften up and then they are ready to go.

Not pink but oh so cute, plus a matching burp cloth.

Sometimes Joann’s surprises you with a really cute print, in which case I buy way more than I need just so I never run out.  Plus this is flannel, double score.

This is that super soft fabric, not fleece.  All you have to do is turn over the edge twice and sew.  It’s so soft my mom even requested a bigger one for herself.

Joann’s cheap version of Lilly Pulitzer.  Love it.

What I am most impressed by this is that I actually managed to keep it a square and not a funky diamond shape.  (This was thanks to my 10 1/2″ square ruler)

There you have it.  All my creations for my little baby girl.  Well actually not all.  I do have a quilt that I need to bind and I am making her a smocked bishop dress.  Those aren’t finished, one isn’t even started yet.

Thanks,  Courtney


3 responses to “Handmade baby blankets, burp cloths and loveys

  1. These are all so girly, beautiful and fun! Way to get things done, courtney! I really love the “not pink” blankie fabric. I think you’ll find it refreshing to have some other non-pink colors thrown in once in awhile. 😉 thanks for sharing your craftiness!

  2. You are so talented beautiful creations.

  3. Love them all! And I do want one for myself 😉

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