Fiestaware makes me happy

Looky what I got in the mail today. 

A case of  retired persimmon dinner plates from Fiestaware.  I love Fiestaware.  You have probably noticed from most of my food posts that I already own a turquoise set with a few persimmon pieces here and there.  Well, we were always running out of plates so I decided it was time to order more.  Only problem is that persimmon is a retired color and they are really hard to find.  While my mom was visiting we were online shopping next to each other on the couch and found an entire case of the plates.  She instantly offered to buy them for me and I was delighted.

Here are some links to some great places to buy Fiestaware, other than Macy’s.  The prices are usually much less, maybe 2nd quality but all the plates I got look great.  Except the one that arrived broken.

And if you live in West Virginia they have an outlet store where you can buy firsts and seconds.  That would be an fun road trip someday.  I know there are dozens of other places to find this stuff, like Ebay but I found that these two sites had the best prices for retired colors.

So, thanks mom!


6 responses to “Fiestaware makes me happy

  1. Love the new plates. So happy for you! Bummer about the broken one though. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. You’re welcome! Love you.

  3. I grew up across the line in PA from the outlet. I have some great pieces. It is a fun trip!

    Nice score on the persimmon!

  4. I Am Very Happy To Read Of Your Blog.Really Great Post.Its brilliant.

  5. is another great Fiestaware Outlet!

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