Another trellis idea

There are so many ideas out there for constructing a trellis for your pole beans, cucumbers, or whatever you want to climb.  Here is something I thought up over the last few days.

I didn’t throw out the center ribs from our barrels when I made our planters because I figured that I would be able to find a use for them.  This was much to Courtney’s dismay, because I never want to throw anything out.  I cut them into hoops and I’m using them to stabilize the posts.

The hoops were 1.25 inches wide and I drilled a small hole at each post.  A small screw holds the hoop to the post and then I tied a piece of string around it too.  Once all four posts are secured, you can begin running the string around each post.  As you tie the strings tight, the posts would lean towards the center if there was nothing supporting the top.  Then the lower strings would sag.  The hoop at the top prevents all that.

The cucumbers now have a trellis.

The tomatillos also have a few runs of string around them.  They are getting tall and we get some pretty good wind here from time to time.  The string will help keep the plants upright. There are some onions in there too.

Lastly, I did the same thing for the third tub which contains peppers and onions.  Neither of these plants grow tall enough that they need help staying upright like a tomato plant does.  In this instance the stakes and string act as a protection against puppies and toddlers.  Last week, the dogs were wrestling nearby and one of them got pushed into the planter and snapped a bunch of branches from a pepper plant and an onion plant.

And here is a summary shot:

Thanks, Robert.


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