Redhook ESB Clone

One of my favorite beers of all time is Redhook ESB.  Hoppy but not too hoppy and malty but not too malty.  It is the perfect marriage of the two.

I’ve found a number of clone recipes that I want to try out.  Here and here are two recipes I’ve found online for extract brewing, but I’m using one I photocopied from the local homebrew supply store.  Interestingly enough, it was from the “Brew Your Own” magazine “Clone Recipe Issue” but it differs from the recipe listed in the link above from the same source.  Oh well.  Here goes nothing.

Here is the recipe I used: 2011-07-23 Redhook ESB Recipe

First off, I’d like to register a complaint.  Most brewing recipes are not very straightforward in my opinion.  I always re-write them in the following timeline format as follows: 2011-07-23 Redhook ESB Notes

I keep records in that format on every batch I brew and add more information as it becomes available, such as final gravity and tasting notes.

Thanks, Robert.


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