Garden Update

Wanted to talk a little about our container garden that is thriving in the back yard.  Today we staked the tomatoes and made a few changes to the bean beds.

Notice that the plants in the barrels are mulched with grass clippings.  We started that last year and noticed that it helped a lot with water retention as well as weed prevention.  It will also help when tilled under for adding organic matter to the soil.  As I keep mowing the grass in the yard, I’ll have more clippings for the beans and potatoes.

The beans were planted right into the same rich compost.  They got to six or eight inches tall and then started dying.  In the picture above, we had beans planted every three inches along all four edges and now you can see the gaps pretty clearly.  I guess the soil was too acidic so I got some hydrated lime at the hardware store and will incorporate into the soil and then plant some more beans.  Its not too late for beans, they grow pretty quickly and our forced succession planting will provide a longer period of harvest.

Potato plants are in the two center rows, with the yukons looking bushier than the russets.  The last picture below shows one of our two pots that contain tomatillos and onions. They are both easy going.

Thanks, Robert.


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