Old Tools

Why the interest in old stuff?  That is a theme that runs through many areas of our blog.  The simple answer is that we believe that the older ways of doing things are better, and older things were built better.

Case in point: my Ace Pro Series screwdriver set with the rubber grips that I received as a Christmas present from my dad a few years ago.  They have really come to be very handy around the house and vehicles.  Look what happened, though:

I am not so strong that I can break a 1/4″ piece of metal with my bare hands.  In fact, by BMI is rather bad right now, but for good reason.  I’m working on gaining my “sympathy spare tire” for Courtney since she is currently pregnant.  It helps her feel better about the normal weight gain that everyone experiences during pregnancy.

Anyways – back to the screwdriver.  I don’t know what kind of weird alloy it was made from, but it should not have broken like this.  Granted, I was using it to pry something very heavy which is not the intended use of a screwdriver, but hey, who hasn’t done that?

I’d rather keep my eye out for old screwdrivers at garage sales.  They are stronger and can take a beating.

Thanks, Robert.


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