Still have those olives

I wrote about my dry cured olives in February and received a lot of interest.  I’m writing to say that I’ve still got them.

At the end of March, I was planning on leaving them with my brother.  I took them out of the salt jars and put them in a zip lock bag.  They got packed up with a bunch of other stuff as we were preparing for our move from California to Colorado.  While unpacking at the beginning of April we found them.

Immediately I put them into a pint sized Ball jar and poured olive oil over them.  I’ve read that is how you preserve them for long term once they are dried.  You’ll notice in the picture that the olive oil has a greenish tint to it now.  I suspect this is from additional olive juice leaving the olives.

They taste great.  I keep the jar in the back of the refrigerator with saran wrap over the top.  About once a week or so, or whenever I remember, I dip into the stash and eat three or four of them.  In fact, I’m going to do that right now.

Thanks, Robert.


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