Nourishing Traditions Cookbook Review ~ A controversial cookbook

Robert gave me Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon for my birthday.  Robert has a real knack for searching out the best books for gifts.  He himself loves books so this is no surprise.

I had no prior knowledge of this book but since he is a card carrying member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, he’s known about it for a while.  It came highly recommended by two slightly granola gals we met last summer.  They said the book changed their life.  Wow, that’s pretty good for a cookbook.  I immediately forgot the title and went about my business.  Robert obviously tucked this little bit of info away.

We have already made several dishes from this book and they are all fabulous.  The cookbook definitely has a Mediterranean influence but there are just so many recipes inside.  We have made the Moroccan chicken, which I thought blew me away.  The chicken curry was last nights dinner and oh wow was it good.   Mashed sweet potatoes with lemon just about stole my heart.  The flavor combinations are so unexpected.  There I go sounding like a food nerd.

Another thing I like about the book is that it also includes tons, and I mean tons of nutrition research in the side bars.  It is almost half cookbook, half nutrition book.  They really push the reader to eat a more diverse selection of grains.  I thought well alright I will try your poppy seed cake that uses spelt, rapadura and honey but it better taste good;  I am not giving up my white sugar without a fight, no ma’am.  Let me tell you, this cake was excellent.  The moistest cake I have ever had.  I did take some shortcuts like not letting my spelt and cream ferment over night and instead added lots of extra lemon.

And here’s another great thing, they love butter and lard and meat.  Ahh makes my heart glad.  They talk a lot about healthy oils and healthy animal fats we have been eating for centuries.  And they’re not just blowing hot air, they actually site references to back up their arguments.  Once you read it you think, wow, that makes so much sense.

Something I read in the side bar yesterday said that the increase in average life expectancy is really due to saving more infants and children (I totally paraphrased this from memory).  Hmmm, I took statistics in college this makes sense to me.  And all this time I assumed it was due to all our technological advances, including food technology advances.  We assume all advances are good but maybe we should think again.

This is a great book and they get on so many soap boxes I have only named a few.  Did I mention the giant section on tonics, organ meats recipes and even raw meat recipes?  Yep it’s a crazy book but I think you will really like it.  You can purchase on Amazon for a deep discount but I even saw several copies at my local health food store.

Thanks, Courtney.


3 responses to “Nourishing Traditions Cookbook Review ~ A controversial cookbook

  1. Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

    I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t actually carry a ‘card’, but I’ve been a huge fan of their informational websites for several years. For example, I was very glad to find their ‘soy alert’ and cite as the reason why I’ll never eat tofu again.


  2. Robert you never ate tofu in the the first place!

  3. I bought this book on the advise of a friend and I LOVE it too!

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