Jericho will get you motivated

Robert checked out a TV series from our local library this week.  It is called Jericho and it aired on CBS, I think in 2006 or 2007.  It is a series about life in a small town after a nuclear attack.  It is very captivating and really makes you think about things.  Now let’s not get all crazy here I did have a hard time imagining a nuclear attack in my lifetime (Robert on the other hand has no problem imagining this scenerio).  But it did make me think about an extended period of time without power, maybe caused by a natural forces.

It also brought to mind how you would acquire food, clean water and medicine without an infrastructure in place.  It has made me think twice about the things in my pantry and the lack of important things in my pantry.  We try not to eat a lot of canned foods so I only have a few cans in my pantry.  And if power were out and we couldn’t get to a store then this would be a problem.  I may need to rethink storing some cases of canned food, like the kind you get at Costco.

With each DVD, we watch 3 episodes in a row because we are addicted and I think of new things to worry about.  Not really, but it has caused much discussion in our house.   If nothing else it is just good entertainment that we think you will like.  Check it out.

Thanks, Courtney.


One response to “Jericho will get you motivated

  1. The Jericho story continues in the season 3 – civil war graphic novel. You cna pre-order via Anmazon:

    The story picks up from the end of season 2 and follows the new adventures of Jake and Hawkins and checks in with the townsfolk of Jericho.


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