Tools – Mechanical Tools

Continuing in the theme of my hand tools post, here’s a mostly accurate inventory of my mechanical tools.

That’s a Makita oscillating sander, a Dewalt 18v cordless drill, a Black and Decker scroll saw and a weed eater.  Missing in the picture is the chicken plucker, but you’ve already seen that here.

I’ve also got two different brace and bit units to back up the drill.

As you all know from previous posts, I’m a huge fan of Herrick Kimball.  I built my chicken plucker based on his plan book.  I then went out and bought all of this other books too because his plans are well written and are based on good, sound engineering.  And, he personally uses all of his tools on his own homestead. My future will include construction projects to build his chicken scalder, garden cart and cider press.

The rest of my To Buy list is as follows:

Chainsaw (a Stihl brand saw most likely, but I’ve read a lot of good things about Husqvarna), Multimeter for automotive electrical work, Bench grinder for sharpening tool edges.

This is not a list that will be completed tomorrow or next week or within any time frame whatsoever.  It is just a mental log (now in cyberspace) of things I keep my eye out for when garage sale hopping or browsing craigslist.

Questions? Advice? Criticism? Leave a comment.

Thanks, Robert.

3 responses to “Tools – Mechanical Tools

  1. Thats a comprehensive hand tool kit you possess.

  2. Rick Sipin

    Get a Stihl. Trust me. Huskvarna are ok, but I hear you live in Northern Colorado, so I suggest you head for the Jax Farm & Ranch store on 287 near LaPorte and buy from their nice selection. I bought a model MS310 there with a 20″ bar a year ago to work on my 4 acre wood lot, and I know I won’t be buying another chain saw for 20+ years. Great service there too.
    -Rick S in Fort Collins

  3. Nice……Liked it.

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