Tools – Hand Tools

Over the last few years Courtney and I have been collecting tools.  Today I’m going to share a picture of what I’ve got in my stash. As mentioned many times before, garage sales are a great way to acquire these for those that want to spend the time.

The arsenal includes several shovels, two hoes for the garden, a fruit picker, a potato fork, a scythe, a pickaxe and a rake.  I only like wood handled tools, as opposed to plastic, metal or fiberglass.

So, what am I missing?  Here’s a few things I have on my list:

Axe, Splitting Maul and wedges, Sledge Hammer, Post Hole Digger, Digging Bar, Square Digging Spade.  I would also love a broadfork.

I’ve read about the Fiskars brand axes, but they seem pricey.  I think my strategy will be to wait it out and find an old one at a garage/estate sale.  The older the better as long as it is in good shape because you’ll want a dense steel that will hold an edge longer than an axe that you would buy at the store today which is made out that cheap, soft steel.

The list is constantly changing, as we make additions or identify new needs.  Feel free to chime in on any gaps you see in my collection.

Thanks, Robert.


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