Coconut Oil to the Rescue

I have come to the conclusion that right now the only product I feel comfortable spreading on my pregnant belly is coconut oil.  What’s wrong with all the bottles I have on my shelf, well they aren’t natural.  Even my pure and simple Cetaphil has come to let me down.  EWG has listed it as a 3!  Now I know that is not high on a scale of 1 -10.  But when I see other products listed as 0, I am envious of them.  EWG does a great job of listing products by category and they start with the lowest scores first.  I started looking up the products that had the lowest scores and almost purchased some of them online.  I stopped short when I suddenly realized, I can make these myself.

While I busied myself searching books and recipes online I stopped by the local health food store and picked up some coconut oil.  This pot of delicious smelling wonderfulness would have to do until I could come up with a recipe that I felt was safe, natural and the ingredients were easy to obtain.  I want a recipe that doesn’t use lye and contains no essential oils.  Tough, not really.  Now back to my new love, coconut oil.

Yes, I love it.  I read in one of my pregnancy books that to avoid stretch marks (if that is possible) is to keep the turkey basted.  That means always keep that belly skin oiled up.  The coconut oil does a wonderful job of keeping my skins soft all day because it is so thick.  The thicker the oil the more it sits on top of the skin and captures any moisture before it can escape.  That does mean that it is a little greasy but on a belly, it’s perfect.  I also started putting the oil on my hands, face, dry spots, etc.  I also use the oil in the shower to wash my face.  I smear it all over my face and then gently wipe it off with a warm, wet wash cloth.  It’s perfect for the dry weather.

Here’s how I store it.  I have one tub for the kitchen cabinet that I want to keep clean so that we can eat it too.  It’s Spectrum brand by the way.  I bought the skin care version because that was the isle I was shopping in.  I should have saved money and purchased the glass jar in the oil section of the market, it’s cheaper.  But Spectrum’s website says it is food grade and safe to eat.  I have a fudge recipe that calls for coconut oil so I want to make that soon.   Back to my point, I portioned out some of the oil into a small Ball jar and I used the plastic reusable lids that Ball sells as a cap.  Then for a shower container I used an old plastic trial size container from L’Occitane.  It’s small but it won’t break in the shower when little hands rearrange all the bottles, as it our nightly habit.  Easy as that!  You should be able to find jars on your shelf that would work to store the oil.  Don’t go buy something unless you have to, reuse instead.

                                           Nice truck, huh!

Without hurting coconut oil’s feelings I have some cautions here, coconut oil can be allergenic to some people.  It can also clog some people’s pores.  It might not be the perfect choice as the weather and humidity heats up.  At that point a lighter oil might be better.  And lastly it is best suited for dry, sensitive skin.  If all those apply to you, give it a try and let me know how you like it.  Find one that is unrefined, organic and expeller pressed, not heat extracted.

And the best part is, you can eat it.  And I plan to do that soon.


One response to “Coconut Oil to the Rescue

  1. Hi Courtney,

    You have inspired me to give coconut oil a try. I just ordered my first jar from and am anxiously awaiting arrival. Can you suggest a book or a website that lists many uses? I plan to use it on my dry skin, hair and for cooking. I would love to hear about other uses. Thanks!

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