Treasures Found: Mower and Smoker

This weekend Courtney and I scored big at a few garage sales.  Courtney found a whole bunch of canning jars for a great price as well as a bunch of sewing supplies.  I found a lawn mower and a smoker.

The mower was a reel mower made in Germany called the Brill Luxus 38.  At the house we’re renting it is our responsibility to take care of the lawn.  Now I’ll get some exercise at the same time.  I tried it out on Sunday afternoon and it works very well.

The smoker is a Brinkmann Smoker which was in great shape too.  While mowing the lawn yesterday I cured the smoker, which is done by coating all of the internal parts with vegetable oil and then starting the fire and letting it burn for 2 hours or more.  The cure acts as a rust guard.  I guess it is very similar to the patina you develop on cast iron cookware.  I’m going to read up on how to use this baby and hopefully smoke a brisket or some pork this weekend.  This reminds me of my dad; he always had one of these and would smoke all sorts of meats in the summertime when I was young.

Best of all, the mower was $25 and the smoker $5.  New, these would have been $230 and $70, respectively.  Plus shipping.  Now that’s a deal!

Thanks, Robert.


2 responses to “Treasures Found: Mower and Smoker

  1. Robert…..I love the mower, almost makes me want to fire my lawn guy and buy one and have Drew mow the lawn,

    • Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

      Sherry – go for it. You won’t regret it. And Drew needs the exercise anyways. Robert

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