American French Dip Sandwich Recipe

If I ever opened a restaurant this would have to be on the menu.  It is my mom’s creation for using up leftover pot roast.  It’s delicious simple as that.

American French Dip

Here’s what you’ll need

Left over pot roast, sliced thin and heated in microwave


American cheese slices or any cheese you like

1 can Campbell’s French Onion Soup or Leftover Beef broth

Cut rolls with serrated knife then open.  Add slices of cheese on one side and toast under the broiler.

Add a smear of mayo (optional) and then meat on the other side.  Put both halves back together and put under the broiler just until warm not toasted.  Heat can of undiluted soup in the microwave or on stove top.  Cut sandwich in half and serve with the sou pin a bowl that you can dip into.

So good and so easy, no one will know it’s from a humble pot roast.


One response to “American French Dip Sandwich Recipe

  1. My nanny cooked these for lunch for my paw earlier this week!I don’t eat any sort of dark meat. However, the sandwiches looked fantastic…downside, The house as well as Myself smelled like ONION SOUP. no good. Great recipe though! Maybe a great substitute would be beef broth!
    please stop by and say hi

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