Are your beauty products safe?

We are pretty natural around here but when I am pregnant I seem to take it to the extreme.  When I was pregnant with my son I got into a little trouble for spending way to much at Whole Foods.  Robert tracks every single solitary purchase so I can’t get away with much. My latest obsession during this pregnancy has been finding all natural facial and skin products.  I normally don’t use a lot of fancy lotions and potions but with this dry, cold weather I need something.  I have been on the hunt for all natural, fragrance free and relatively cheap products.  This has been no easy task.

I have a wonderful website that I use to check all of my skin care products and ingredients.  It’s called the Environmental Working Group and the database is called Skin Deep.  It’s a very extensive database of thousands of products and ingredients.  The products are all rated on an overall safety scale of 0-10.  It also details why the products was given the score.  This is especially helpful for checking this while pregnant because it shows you the developmental/reproductive toxicity relative levels.  For those with allergies it gives a relative allergies & immunotoxicity score.  And if you need further proof they show you exactly which ingredient is to blame for a high score.  Very, very helpful website.  I highly recommend it. Here’s the link again:

After all my searching I have decided to make my own products.  I am very excited for my requested library book to arrive and I can dive into creating some wonderfully natural, unscented lotions that the whole family can use.  Oh and since EWG has a database of ingredients I can give my own homemade creations a safety rating.  How reassuring is that.  After all I don’t want to spend all this time and money making something that could be potentially harmful.


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