Happy 4th Anniversary

Last week was our fourth wedding anniversary.  We’ve been following the traditional gift idea schedule and the fourth is fruit/flowers.

What did these little homesteaders exchange?  Gifts that compliment each other of course.

Courtney received a one year old dwarf meyer lemon tree.  She loves meyer lemons and cooks with them, makes marmalade, and the list goes on in perpetuity.   Some reported 40-50 lemons from a three to four year old tree.  This is one that we’ll keep potted until we have a large enough greenhouse to plant it in the ground.

Robert received the Ames True Temper 8′ fruit picker.  This will be used to pick apples for making as much cider as we can this fall.  Oh yes, we will add yeast to some of it, don’t worry.  Eventually, it’ll pick the hard to reach meyer lemons, as the tree can reach 10′ tall at maturity as long as it is protected in a greenhouse here in planting zone five.

Thanks, Robert.


One response to “Happy 4th Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    For Mother’s Day this year I asked Joseph to pick out a perennial plant or tree to plant at our new house. I’m looking forward to seeing what he picks out!

    City Roots, Country Life

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