Pizza Night

One evening last week we made our own pizzas.  For the dough we used an idea from my mother.  She uses Rhodes frozen dough to make calzones and that is what we used to make our pizzas.

One of the best slices of pizza I ever has was in San Francisco at a place called Escape From New York Pizza.  It had sliced potatoes, whole roasted garlic cloves and pesto on it.  We tried recreating it here at home.  Unfortunately we didn’t have pesto.  And Courtney’s most memorable part about that pizza was my breath for the next two days, so her amendment to the pizza was to slice the garlic cloves before we roasted them in the skillet, thereby reducing the amount of garlic on the pizza considerably. We also put a lot of cheese on it, which I don’t recall in the original recipe. 

I started out sauteing the potatoes.  I used fingerling potatoes because I had them, and also because I knew they would make nice small discs that we could place all around the pizza.

Now the garlic is in and browning up nicely.

While the potatoes are cooking, stretch the dough out on the pan.  We opted for these two small trays rather than use the pizza stone.  We had two of these and only one pizza stone and this way they cook evenly. I also spread some olive oil on the dough before adding the other ingredients.

A layer of cheese, then the potato/onion combo.

And then another layer of cheese for good measure.

Done and ready to eat.  And boy was it delicious!

Courtney also made one along side me, with spinach, artichoke hearts and mushrooms on a base of cream cheese.

And extra cheese, of course.

Done.  This one was excellent as well.

Thanks, Robert.


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