Windshield Repair

Every homesteader worth their salt needs to know how to fix things on their own as best they can.  Today I’ll show a few pictures on how I fixed our windshield, saving us hundreds of dollars.

The damaged area had one inch long cracks moving out in several directions from the center chip area.  As the weather warms up, you’ll run the risk of cracking the windshield further due to the larger fluctuations in temperature.  Rather than pay big bucks to have the windshield replaced, we bought a kit to fix it ourselves for only five bucks!  It only took about ten minutes too.

This kit will fix chips and cracks.   It employs a resin that seeps down inside the crack, which dries and bonds the pieces back together.  The kit claims that the resin is even stronger than the original glass once fully cured.

The directions are very straightforward.

Here’s the kit.  It contains a small bottle of resin and a number of acrylic sheets and it good for multiple repairs.


Centering the suction cup thingy over the chip.

Adding the resin.

After.  Due to the way this sun is shining on it and the fact that the resin is not fully cured, you can still see the cracks in this picture.  We never notice the crack anymore though.  You wouldn’t know it was there unless you knew exactly where to look.

Thanks, Robert.


5 responses to “Windshield Repair

  1. Such a great and informative post about windshield repair. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  2. It is really important to get your cracked windshield to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid serious damage.

  3. Where did you purchase this exact kit?

    • Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

      Scott, I believe it was from either Walmart or Autozone. Thanks, Robert.

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