We got our dog a dog

I mentioned it a few times already but we got a new puppy for Cowboy.  His name is Wolfey which is short for Wolfgang.  He is an all black pure bred German Shepherd and so we picked out the most German sounding name we could find.

Flattering picture, sorry Wolfey.  Look at those long legs.

While we are completely in love with English Shepherds, but this opportunity presented itself and we jumped at it.  I posted before about the puppies our neighbor had, well Wolfey is from that Christmas Day litter.  We have always been impressed with Wolfey’s mother Cinder.  She is a massive German Shepherd with impeccable manners and a calm easy going spirit.  This was quite a contrast to our puppy Cowboy whose every muscle twitched with excitement.  Don’t get me wrong we love Cowboy’s personality and the intense love that he shows us.

A friend and fellow dog lover suggested that we consider getting a buddy for Cowboy to help him release some of that pent up energy.  We really struggled with this advice because we thought how could two dogs possibly be easier to handle than one dog.  It seemed so contradictory.  But we trusted her advice and dove in head first.  We introduced Cowboy individually to a few of the puppies in the litter and then we let Cowboy decide who his best friend would be, also from the advice of our puppy expert.  We thought that it would be tough to figure out which puppy to pick because Cowboy would like them all but that was definitely not the case.  Cowboy quickly bonded with Wolfey and they set to playing and running around right away.  The other puppy was scared and sat in the corner during the visit.  We instantly knew who we would be taking home.

Wolfey felt right at home and played with Cowboy nonstop until he crashed for a nap.  Which is where we had another confirmation that we made the right choice, Cowboy whined the whole time Wolfey napped and even tried to wake him up several times so that they could play.  Fantastic we thought.  Cowboy was so busy with Wolfey he didn’t even notice that we were busy moving and couldn’t pay attention to him.  We’ve had Wolfey since the last week of March and the dynamic between the two hasn’t really changed.  They play all day and can’t be separated.  Cowboy has not dug one hole since we got Wolfey, he also barks less and is less dependent on us for his every need.  He was quite obsessed with playing frisbee, whenever we came outside he would drop his dirty frisbee in our laps over and over and over.  He couldn’t get enough.  Now we throw the frisbee for him to try and capture his attention away from Wolfey.

They are quite the pair and Wolfey is shaping up to have a very similar personality to his mother’s, calm, relaxed, and quiet.  He even seems a little lazy compared to Cowboy.  He smiles a lot, wags his tale and give kisses frequently.  Our son is not quite sure what to think about all the kisses because Cowboy never gives them.  His huge tail makes us laugh too because he can’t go anywhere without being heard thumping it along the walls.  Cowboy is much more of a vocal dog and prefers barking and whining to get our attention so we are enjoying this quiet guy.

Wolfey is descended from the old world genetics of German Shepherds.  We were told that Adolf Hitler did a lot of breeding of these dogs to make their backs sloped so they looked more aggressive, as if they were ready to pounce.  Those genetic lines are more prone to hip problems.  Wolfey, however, is of the older variety and has a significantly reduced risk of those problems.

Thanks,  Courtney


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  1. love those floppy big ears!

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