Install your own satellite television

We are in the middle of a two year contract with Directv.  We’re very happy with the service, but there’s a hefty $300 fee for canceling.  I was ready to cancel because we have a year left on our contract and $300 is only six month of service. Courtney wanted to keep it, though because she’ll have a lot of down-time later this summer with a new baby on the way.

Also, we’ve moved twice in one year, which means they really zing you for the setup fees ($200, but was complimentary the first time).  Courtney found out while talking with the customer service before our move that we could do the installation ourselves.

In an effort to save cash for the things we’d rather spend our money on, such as our homesteading activities, I’m doing my own installation at our new home.

Its pretty easy, actually.  You can download a PDF guide from DirecTv that explains everything.  There is also a page on their website that provides your dish elevation and azimuth based on your zipcode.  You’ll need basic tools and a compass to to the directional alignment.

I was rather frustrated when it was all over.  We were receiving no signal.  I had to breakdown and call DirecTv.  They sent a guy out and he said that the problem was that the existing wiring that I tied into was for Dish Network and was not compatible.  He replaced the wires and we were good to go.  The best part was that he said we won’t be charged because that wasn’t our fault.

Thanks, Robert.


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