Red and White Quilts

Here I go again, always behind by a few weeks.  I stumbled across this blog entry by none other than Martha Stewart.  I know she can be so polarizing.  You either love or hate her.  Well I love her, always have, always will and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I was a little ashamed when she went to prison but we are all over that.  So I came across this blog entry of hers and it started the crafty wheels in motion.  I have always wanted to do a white and red quilt after seeing a beautiful family quilt displayed at my mother-in-laws house.  It was an applique quilt with birds and flowers.  Simple yet stunning.  I have always been on the lookout for a pattern similar but never really seen anything that caught my eye.

The passion for a red and white quilt was renewed after viewing this blog post.  Take a look, it is a stunning display and full of wonderful inspiration.  I think my next quilt will be a red and white.  Maybe even a baby heirloom quilt.  I made a quilt for my son while I was pregnant and I plan to do the same with this next  baby too.  I love that the red and white is vintage without looking country.

Now I just have to learn to applique as that seems to be my favorite.  I am always drawn to those beautiful flowers.  I love the one on the bottom of slide 19, slide 14 and slide 35 takes my breath away.  I will keep my eye out for patterns that will really pop in red and white.  Oh I am excited.  Thinking about my next quilt is always the most exciting part for me.

Which do you like?  Take a look – Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts

Thanks, Courtney


3 responses to “Red and White Quilts

  1. My mother in law is a professional long arm quilter so she is always working on various quilt projects. She taught me how to quilt and always encourages and inspires me to pull out my fabric for my current project and make some time to work on it.

    Last summer she made a gorgeous red and white quilt in Colorado. It’s quite stunning. I’ve always been drawn to 2 color quilts, so there’s likely on in my future. =)

    City Roots, Country Life

    • That’s so cool. I think that means that she uses that big machine in the quilt stores. It’s really expensive, which means that I never have used their services before. 🙂 Does she quilt a lot of the quilts you make? I love to quilt and love to sew. My summer project is going to be making infant cloth diaper covers, we’ll be sure to post on that.

      I think you’re right I am always drawn to 2 color quilts as well, especially if it has white or off white in it. They are visually stunning and they never look hokey.

  2. Harold Dean

    On the quilts, my late favorite sister used to go the whole route, hand shearing the sheep, washing, carding, spinning and then dyeing the yarn prior to looming it into quilt sized blocks which she then stitched together on a back cloth using various patterns. I had so wanted one of her quilts, but after her death, two of her children stripped the house while her husband was in the hospital and sold the items for drug money. On the subject of Martha Stewart, her voice drives me nuts, but I am not ashamed of her in the least since I know her predicament was caused by some very angry and jealous persons who were not able to take advantage of her due to her awareness of the situation. She will be vindicated before it is over. Harold

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