10 Things We Learned About Driving Across the Country

As you know Robert and I drove from California to Colorado last week with our 2 dogs (ha, still got you hanging), toddler and my mom.  We had a cattle trailer filled to the brim with our junk and I drove the minivan crammed with more junk.  We did have a great time and we learned a few things on our journey.

1.  Flying is fast, my mom did a great job of reminding us of this on the way.

2.  A cranky toddler versus a hungry pregnant lady, its a toss-up.

3.  Toddlers can be pacified with a DVD player in the car and no I am not ashamed to admit that.

4.  A 20 minute stop always, I repeat always, takes 1 hour.

5.  Sparking on the rear brake is definitely a problem.

6.  Walkie-talkies are not just for truck drivers.

7.  Dogs don’t always love car rides.

8.  Route 66 memorabilia was actually tempting while on the road.

9.  A navigation system’s got nothin’ on an old fashioned paper map.

10.  My husband can put up with more than any man, woman or child I know, I think he is part Superman.

Thanks,  Courtney


One response to “10 Things We Learned About Driving Across the Country

  1. Harold Dean

    Courtney, during our years of living in CAlifornia, we made numerous trips back and forth to Central Illinois. We tried different routes over the years, some interstate and others regular US routes. We have driven 60 through the New Mexico desert, mountains into Arizona mountains and through Phoenix (very picturesque route,but definitely not a summer route, I 40 from Barstow to Tulsa and then I 44 to St Louis, I 70 to home. I 70 from home to central Utah and then I 15 to Barstow then CA 58 (during the years we lived in Antelope VAlley) to Mojave and then 14 to Lancaster, I 40 to Albuquerque and then I 25 north to Colorado Springs and I will agree with you that no matter whether you have a vehicle full of kids or just mom and dad, rest stops are just that for at least an hour. All routes were scenic and picturesque and we enjoyed them highly with all modes of transportation from greyhound bus to station wagon, to dolphin camper to 5th wheel camper except for the Sunday breakdown with a water pump failure on the truck midway between Phoenix and Quartzsite Airzona with the 5th wheel. My wife nearly died in the 114 degree heat and that ended our travels back and forth, even though the latter half from California back through 4 corners, Durango, etc was splendid. Hope you made it just fine and will file this experience away with some of the better times you have had. Harold

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