My Other Cleaning Methods

As I mentioned in my last post I don’t use vinegar exclusively.  I clean the kitchen counters after each meal with the hottest water, a scrubbing brush and good ol’ dish soap.  I let it sit while I clean all the counters and then I dry with a clean dish towel.

In the bathroom, I do use Soft Scrub on my toilets.  Robert usually takes this job because I don’t want any bleach fumes (baby on board).  When the bottle runs out though I will probably switch to vinegar or I just read about using some other all nautral products like, lemon juice, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil.  After the baby comes I will probably try some experimentation on what works best in the toilet.  For now though, Robert does a fantastic job.

Now on a rare occasion when someone in the house gets sick, like with the stomach flu or a bad cold I do some disinfecting.  While I don’t love using bleach I do use it.  I think everybody dislikes it because it’s production is harmful to the environment but my main concern is what’s harmful to my family.  So I use it occasionally and don’t really think twice about it.  I figure that those pathogenic stomach flu germs are far more dangerous than the bleach.  I dilute it to 3/8 tsp per cup of water.  I put it into a spray bottle and clean all the light switches, door handles, toilets, counters and other areas where the sicky may have been.  Bleach needs time to work so you can’t just wipe it right off.  I try to leave it on for 10 minutes then wipe it off.  On the toilet I just let it dry.  This makes the job hands free and no possible way for cross contamination.

For the floors in our house we just discovered the Shark.  It uses only steam to clean.  How all natural can you get, huh?  I’ll write more about the Shark later but I highly recommend it for all non carpeted floors, even hardwood.

Thanks, Courtney

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