Brew day

The ingredient kits I use are the ‘extract’ kits from More Beer.  They have an extensive online business, but I’m lucky enough to live near one of their showrooms here in southern California.   Each of their kits come with excellent instructions on the step by step part, so in this post I’m just going to add a few pictures and comments which will be supplemental to the kit instructions. One day I expect to try Northern Brewer for supplies as well.

This Camp Chef double burner stove is what we use for canning and brewing.  It can boil large volumes of water in a hurry, which is a big help in cutting down the time in either a canning or brewing operation.  I used an electric stove and a gas stove inside in the past and it works just fine, but this burner is much faster.

This is the wort already on for the 60 minute boil.

The bag is holding the bittering hops, which steep in the boiling wort for 60 minutes.

I stir frequently.  Its just how I do things.

After the boil is concluded, I put the pot in a tub of cold water.  I need the wort to get down to around 100*F before adding more water to top off the fermenter to five gallons.  Ultimately the desired final temperature of the wort in you fermenter is 65-70*F when you add the yeast.  Too hot and you’ll kill the yeast.  Too cold and the yeast will have trouble activating.

Thanks, Robert.


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