Gone to seed

At first glance, anyone looking in our backyard might think we’re growing a flower garden now rather than a vegetable garden.  Many of our plants have gone to seed.  While some may think that we’re being lazy and that this is unsightly, Courtney and I are quite proud because we enjoy the seed-saving aspect of gardening too.  We have tons of store bought seeds, but many of our own saved seeds from prior years gardens.

For example, take a look at this broccoli.  This was a picture taken on January 25th. We had that broccoli for dinner that night, but I left the plant standing.  There were a bunch of side shoots of small broccoli’s along the stem and I wanted to see if they would turn into larger broccoli heads.

By February 22, they had grown larger, but were not dense like a normal head of broccoli.  The individual round pieces were more spaced out.

Before I knew it, it sent up these shoots with flowers.  Those shoots sure grow fast.

Here are a few more plants going to seed.  That is bok choi in the front and a type of lettuce in the back row.  Cowboy  is always around to help us with our gardening as well.

We’ll go into further detail on seed saving in other articles another time, because specific plants like peppers and tomatoes require a more detailed process.  With these three, however, its easy.  Wait for the bees to do their work pollinating the flowers.  The flowers will dry up and fall off leaving behind a seed pod.  Wait for that seed pod to dry up.  Then pluck it off with you fingers and store in a jar or envelope.  You have to watch every single day.  Once those pods dry out they will crack open and release their seeds.

Happy gardening!

Thanks, Robert.


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