My Bernina

A couple of years ago I was blessed with inheriting a sewing machine.  At the time I was in graduate school and busy moving across the country every 6 months, oh wait that’s my life right now, anyways I was preoccupied.  I already had a sewing machine.  A nice little Brother that I asked for on my 21st birthday from my grandmother.  My grandmother taught me to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, needlepoint, you name it,  she taught me how to do it.  She passed away 4 years ago and I still think of her every time I do any sort of crafting project, which is often.

Back to the sewing machine.  I inherited this sewing machine and never even thought to open up the case and check it out.  Four, five years passed by, dozens of quilts and hundreds of sewing projects later and I finally come across the sewing machine at my  grandparent’s house.  Actually all this time I thought it was a Serger which I didn’t really need.  Well I accidentally had the machine sitting out at an estate sale we were having in November and a nice woman came over and asked how much I wanted for it.  I told her it wasn’t for sale, it got set out by mistake.  She said she was still very interested in the sewing machine and would like to purchase it.  I said no, no, no and pointed her towards the linens.  But this peaked my interest.  What was so special about this sewing machine that someone spotted it within the first 30 minutes we were open.  Later that week when the dust from the sale had settled I finally opened up the red, hard sided case.  And low and behold a Bernina!  I couldn’t believe my eyes, all this time it had been sitting in my grandparents shed.  It missed out on sewing so many quilts and blankets.

For those of you who have no idea what a Bernina is, well let me tell you.  It is like the Mercedes of the sewing machines.  They are very pricey and much loved by their owners.  A woman in my sewing groups said she splurged big time on a low end new Bernina (which set her back  like $400) and loved it.  They are all the rage with the sewing crowd.

This beauty that I inherited is a Bernina 830.  I can hear the ohhhs and ahhhs.  Well if you know your Berninas then you will know that this is one of the most coveted, if not the most coveted vintage model of Berninas.  Why is that so?  This particular model was made in the 1960’s and 70’s and just seemed to get everything right.  It has all the extra bells and whistles without sacrificing the quality of those functions that you use most often.  The 830 is known for it’s many presser feet.  I think I have about 20.  They are easily slipped in and out to allow all kinds of fancy sewing.  Collectors apparently go crazy for these feet.   They also go crazy for these machines.  I found a machine like mine on Ebay with all the extras and it sold for almost $850.  I have read that new they sold for about $1000.  That’s pretty impressive and shows what a classic it is.

What I love best about my machine is not all the extras it has but how magnificently it sews.  This baby hums along so smoothly.  My old machine would bounce on the table when it got going fast.  And it never, I repeat never breaks a thread.  I know this is hard to believe so you’ll have to take my word for it.  I love it so much.  It makes sewing faster and more enjoyable.  I really cherish this sewing machine and wish I had uncovered it sooner.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with my old machine.

Do you have a Bernina?  Tell me what you love about yours.



2 responses to “My Bernina

  1. My mom has a Bernina! You can bond with her over that… and then I can inherit it next year and you can teach me how to sew!

  2. My dear husband bought me a Bernina 930 years ago when they were first on the market. I love it. Then a few years ago he bought me a Bernina Activa 240. It has a few options the 930 doesn’t but the 930 is still better. For one thing, the 240 does not sew a perfectly straight stitch. Each stitch angles slightly. Others have complained about it but Bernina does not acknowledge it. Another thing Bernina did that was unfortunate. I had bought oodles of special feet for my 930 but when I bought the 240 those 930 feet would not fit so I had to buy oodles of new feet to fit the 240. One good thing about the 240. It weighs much less than the 930 so it’s easier to carry to classes.

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