More Minky Baby Blanket Tips

Yesterday I made another minky lovey like the one in my post Minky Baby Blanket for a baby shower.  I tried a few new things and thought I would share my successes and failures with you.

First, I used spray starch as one reader suggested.  The flannel backed satin can be kinda squirmy when you are pinning and sewing.  The spray starch helped get all the wrinkles out of the fabric and made it beautifully crisp.  It was still squirmy though, especially during sewing.  So, even though it didn’t help for the intended problem I would still suggest using it because it makes even look neater and helps keep corners straight.

Second,  I cut my 20 1/2 inch square with much more ease than last time.  This was what I did.  I ironed and starched the fabric.  Then I lined up the cutting edge of the fabric so that it was on the left side of the cutting mat.  I used the lines on my mat to make a straight line.  Then I rotated the fabric 90 degrees clockwise so that the next raw edge was lined up on the left side of the cutting mat and the freshly cut side was facing up.  I lined the top freshly cut side up with the lines on my mat to make sure every thing was straight befor ei made the next cut.  Then I measured 20 1/2 inches and made a cut on the left side of the fabric just like before.  Then I rotated again.  I know this sounds complicated but once you lay out the fabric it should make sense.  I found this beneficial because it meant less pulling and tuggin onthe fabric so it stayed straight.  It also allowed me to easily uses the lines on the mat to make my cut.  Note:  The only reason I oriented the fabric to make my cut on the left end of the fabric is because I am right handed.

Third,  I wasn’t very careful this time ( I was in a hurry) and I didn’t arrange everything as neat as before.  Nor did I check to make sure I had perfectly square corners.  This resulted in less than perfect mitered corners.

Fourth,  I learned that when your mitered corners are not straight you can fix them.  Just turn the blanket right side out, use a bone folder or other utensil to push out the corners.  Next visually inspect the corners.  They will usually tell you themselves what their problem is.  Mine needed to be either taken in another 1/4 inch or it needed a tapered seam.  Meaning I started my seam at the 1/4 inch stopping point shown in the tutorial, but I had to make a tapered line that increasingly opened as I reached the other end.  This solved my problems.  The finished minky was not perfectly square but at least the corners looked better than they did on my first try.

Hope these tips helped.


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