House Hunting Brings Lessons in Marriage

As you know we are moving out of state and we are trying to set up living arrangements in the new area we will be living in.  This all to common task has been made rather difficult by the fact that we are several states away from our final destination.  Driving across town to check out a house for rent is not an option.  We have to do lots of planning to pull this off.  But that’s okay with us because Robert and I are planners by nature.  We find that all spontaneous things that we try end in some sort of mishap.  So Robert was busy the last few weeks checking craigslist, following up on leads and scheduling appointments for his trip to visit the area.  The trip was this past weekend.

Well the day before he left he came into the living room and said he had 15 houses he wanted to look at this weekend and they have all been rented in the last few days.  When we planned his trip we didn’t take into consideration that we were coming just after the first of the month, which is typically when places are rented.  Oops.

Up until this point Robert had been doing the hunt by himself.  We thought it would be easier for one person to keep track of all the details, but we decided to change strategy in the 11 hour.  I quickly started searching in surrounding towns and we increased our price limit.  We scrambled to find houses that he could look at, so that our trip would not be in vain.

We had to scramble but we did find several more homes and talked with several more unhelpful and crabby people.  We hope real estate agents are not a sign of the friendliness of the locals.  But in the end we pulled together 5 or so houses that he could view and all were really nice and would be great homes for our family.

At the end of all of it we looked at each other and said, “As always we work better as a team than we do on our own.”  We were reminded that when we said “I do” we became one.  Somehow we forgot this over the last few weeks and we tried to do things separately.  Of course we realize that each of us has separate roles but  God showed us that this particular issue was meant to be tackled together.  And believe me, there is no one I would rather be working with than my husband.  I am thankful we received that reminder, we are better for it.


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