Getting ready to pack

There is something about moving that gives even the most responsible diligent worker bees a serious  case of procrastination.  As you know we are moving soon and packing has been high on my priority list.  But alas it has not happened.  I have not moved one single thing into a box.  Not a one.  Robert kindly moved some boxes into the house for me and I had full intentions on filling them up this week end but nothing happened.

I really do love moving to a new place but getting there is another story.  A friend of mine recently moved out of state and she complained while in the midst of packing that she was contemplating throwing their stuff away instead of packing it into the boxes.  That’s kind of how I feel right now.  Every time I embark on yet another packing adventure I realize how much stuff we have.  And it always makes me reflect on the materialism of our world.  Why do we need so many things to fill our homes and an extra storage shed to boot?  Things seem to make people happy and that is so sad.  But I guess we get caught up in this too, in fact I just went to Walmart today and bought my son some sidewalk chalk and playdough.  As if he needs another toy to fill his toy box.

So what is a Christian to do caught up in this world of materialism, keeping up with Jones’ and greed?  I think I will ponder this as I try to get some packing done.  Maybe I will try and fill a box for donations, or maybe I will toss Robert’s collection of empty pickle jars.  Who knows?  Wish me luck.


One response to “Getting ready to pack

  1. Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

    Courtney, Consider yourself warned – stay away from the pickle jars! We might need them some day for something! Love, Robert 🙂

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