More about that Olive Grove

My grandma wanted to know a little more about the old abandoned olive grove that we wrote about recently.  On Feb 18 we posted an article on Olive Curing. Here are a few pictures from the orchard.

This is the view from across the street.

In this picture you can see the long pathway between the rows.

This is just to the right of the last photo.

Walking into the olive grove.  Yes, that’s me taking the picture.  Eventually I’ll get a little better at this.  Can you tell I’ve been working out from the shadow?

There is an abandoned house in the middle of the orchard.  It is a sister-house to another historical house in town that has been restored.  It is from the 1880’s so I guess the trees are about that old.  They have pretty thick trunks, but its hard to tell because they haven’t been maintained in years.

Those poor neglected olives.

Close up.

Thanks, Robert.


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