Cleanup at the Checkstand #2

All I needed was one thing.  One thing.  Eggs.  But shopping with my son is rarely an uneventful trip.  I dashed into the store and grabbed my 18 pack of eggs and remembered a few more things.  Black beans and some milk.  Now remember not only do I have an 18 month old with me but we were on borrowed time. I was definitely dipping into naptime for this quick trip.  We managed to make it to the the checkout without much incident especially since I avoided the bakery section so we could skip the free cookie.  In hindsight if I had just grabbed the freebie maybe we wouldn’t have had a checkout disaster.  So as we were checking out, my son noticed that the belt that the food goes on, actually moves.  He’d never paid much attention before because he is usually stuffing a free cookie in his face.  But this time he noticed and faster than lightening his chubby hand reached out and grabbed at the moving eggs that were passing by him.  He managed to grab the lid and yanked upwards, topsizing the egg carton into the cart and onto the floor.  I think about 8 eggs came tumbling into my empty cart, spilling their contents into the cart and onto floor below.  He couldn’t have just dropped the closed carton, keeping the spill contained, no we had to make a big spectacle of ourselves.  I was instantly embarrassed.  I didn’t want the cashier to think that I had a bratty kid who did this everywhere he went.  And then I thought who cares, he’s a toddler and he’s not a brat.  The checker didn’t really think it was a big deal and he had someone cleaning it up almost instantly.  I did wish that Cowboy was there because he would have loved to lick up all those eggs on the ground and in the cart.  He would have had unbearable gas but he would have done a great job.  Another adventure with my toddler.  I do love him.


One response to “Cleanup at the Checkstand #2

  1. Katherine is 10 months old, so I definitely know what you’re talking about. Errands take 3x longer if she’s with me, so if I can sneak out of the house at night once Joseph is at home and she’s in bed, I will.

    Today, just one grocery stop on the list — for the basics: eggs, milk, sour cream, butter. Hopefully in and out quickly.

    Hang in there! Most people out there have kids, or know people with kids, so they tend to have more patience than I about things like this and will often gently smile at you and give you the little needed boost you need to get over the hump. =)

    City Roots, Country Life

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